How to Make More Money with Adsense

Online publishers or site owners that run Google Adsense ads are sometimes left with a blank ad space or are being served PSA (Public Service Announcements) ads as place holders, for which they are not getting any revenues.  The reason for this is that Google Adsense ads are contextual, so only ads that are relevant to the content on the publishers’ pages will be seen by site visitors.    When Google Adsense has no relevant ads to serve, the default option is to show a blank space.

How can publishers make sure they don’t leave money on the table when there are no relevant Adsense ads to show?  Site owners can maximize revenues from their ad space and mitigate the risk of Adsense not serving them ads by integrating backup ads from TLV Media.   We provide online publishers with a backup ad link that guarantees they will always have 100% ad fulfillment on their site and continue to generate ad revenues.

How to Implement Backup Ads by TLV Media

  • Open a TLV Media publisher account – sign up here
  • Login, go to the Tags tab and create tags for the relevant ad sizes
  • Copy the URL within the tag, as marked below:
  • Login to your Adsense account, go to “My Ads” tab and click on “+new ad unit”:
  • Open the dropdown menu of the “Backup ads” field and choose “Show other ads from another URL”:
  • Paste the URL you copied in the blank field:

This is it!  Now whenever Adsense is not showing contextual ads on your site, we will serve a display ad unit to fulfill this space.

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