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What is dCPM with a CPA target?

Dynamic cost per mille with a cost per action target. This model is the most effective and balanced both advertiser and publisher. In this model the advertiser continues to advertise as long as his eCPA is under his CPA goal, and the publisher decides to advertise as long as the CPM he receives is higher than the …

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What is eCPA?

eCPA – effective cost per action.  We add an action count (Lead for instance) to the previous examples, and calculate how much did the advertiser actually paid for each Lead act. Lets assume the advertiser is profitable when he pays 5$ per lead.   eCPA on a CPL/CPA/CPS model Here naturally, the eCPA is the …

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What is CPM?

Cost Per Mille. Usually reflects the price of 1000 banner impressions in dollar currency. Payment depends on the number of impressions solely.  For example, a banner is being shown 200,000 times at CPM of $0.5, means that the payment by the advertiser to the publisher would be 200,000 * 0.5 / 1000 = $100. Advantages …

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